At the beginning of a project, I delve into your vision and objectives. From there, the score's initial sketch becomes the concept for your story. Here are a few projects I've worked on.

Back to Life

It’s been a pleasure working with Jelena Sorkin on this very moving short film. I’ve contributed one piece of music for this film. Jelena had a vision for this film and she made it happen! She knew what she wanted…

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Blondies is a short film about a man with a strange occupation, who kidnaps a woman he met at a party and tries to convince her to fall in love with him. I know. That sounds super disturbing. However, it’s…

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In The Pines

In The Pines is a short film about 3 young people that have to fight against the forces of hate and violence in North Carolina. The film is created and produced by The John Locke Foundation and backed by their…

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“Maréna (in Riminese dialect the seaside) is a love letter to the place where I was born.” – Isabella and Fabio The story is about a man who is isolated in a small attic after testing positive to multiple covid…

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Beter Een Duif

“Beter Een Duif” is a short film about a man whose wife transforms into a pigeon. He explains how he’s dealt with her metamorphoses in 3 chapters. The short film is written and directed by Pien Vroonland. It was an…

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