Spider-Gwen : Last Dance (Official Trailer) [Fan Film]

An incredible experience created the music for this trailer! I’m grateful and excited to be working with the team over at Story Is Everything

Check out the trailer and more info below!

On Earth-65 Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman. Peter Parker is always by her side and Harry Osborne isn’t too far behind. When Gwen’s not fighting crime she’s drumming for The Mary Janes. A punk band led by MJ Waston herself with Glory Grant, and Betty Brant. They look to close out high school with their first performance at Mid-Town High’s Under The Sea Dance. Gwen will be tested as her carefree high-school life conflicts with her responsibility as a hero.


Lacey Tatro as Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman
Tony Lee Gratz as George Stacy
Jarrod Langwinski as Peter Parker
James H. Perry as Harry Osborn
Amelia Mahrie Hansing as MJ Watson
Aly Rader as Elizabeth (Betty) Brant
Niajah Mcgee as Glory Grant
Tammy and Dave Vrba as May & Ben Parker

Directed by John Carlo Rosillo
Written by Lacey Tatro & John Carlo Rosillo
Cinematography by Spencer Ortega
Prod Design by Emily Dalske
Costumes by Kiersten Hoff
SPFX Make up by Anna Thaney
Music by Anil Tümkaya