Anil Tümkaya

Music Composer

“As creatives, we create artifacts from our own universe and bring them to this world.”


Music breathes life into stories, making them resonate deep within us. I wholeheartedly believe that without music, our films and our lives would be missing that emotional punch.

My compositions are a tranquil journey, often tinged with nostalgia. It’s music that wraps you in a cozy blanket of emotions. Think of it as a blend of calm and introspection. I draw inspiration from artists like Jon Hopkins, Rival Consoles, and Floating Points.

I aspire to become the composer behind feature films, adding that extra layer of magic to cinematic experiences. I want to dive into directors’ visions and tell their stories with music.

When working on a project, it all starts with understanding your vision and goals. Then comes the rough sketch of the score, a canvas on which we can paint your story with music. If it resonates with the essence of the project, we refine every detail, crafting a score that becomes an integral part of your narrative.

Who I Work With


I work with Directors & Producers. My responsibility is understanding what they’re looking for and how I or my team can accomplish that.

Labels & Libraries

You can find my music on DSPs and I also work for Production Music Libraries.

Visual Artists

I work with Visual Artists on exhibitions and compose music that immerses the audience.

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