“Maréna (in Riminese dialect the seaside) is a love letter to the place where I was born.” – Isabella and Fabio

The story is about a man who is isolated in a small attic after testing positive to multiple covid tests in a row. While dragging himself through the boredom and waiting of days that look identical, he discovered a Polaroid photo of the sea. The photo evokes a strange feeling inside him, making him realise that the space he lives in is the furthest thing from being his home. The sea and the search for it, is what makes him feel alive again.

The longing for something that we feel is part of us, even though it cannot always be satisfied, is, in itself, the feeling of home that we bring wherever we go.
So, while isolating, he strives to recreate this memory of the sea in his attic.

“Maréna is the most personal project we have ever worked on. Therefore, when it came to
finding a composer for the score, we were very concerned that all the different themes we
wanted to be included could get lost along the way. However, Anil surprised us for the
best. Not only did he always carefully listen to all the suggestions and references we were
giving him, but he was able to masterfully merge all the influences we wanted for the film
score, creating fantastic music we loved to use for our short. If you’re looking for
someone with excellent skills and a distinct sense of understanding, we sincerely
recommend him.”

Isabella Bazoni & Fabio Modonutti

Filmmakers of “Maréna”