In The Pines

In The Pines is a short film about 3 young people that have to fight against the forces of hate and violence in North Carolina. The film is created and produced by The John Locke Foundation and backed by their donors. The John Locke Foundation is a conservative think tank based in North Carolina. The goal of this film was to bring the story of the racism and violence that happened in the past into the present and make it compelling for the people of today. Initially the film was going to be a documentary, but they chose to make a short film where the characters of the film are making the documentary. 

This film was an amazing experience for me, to contribute for this story to be told and at the same time, to have the opportunity to be experimental and explore new ways to bring music into the drama of this story. My approach was a bit different this time. I focussed more on texture and sound, by implementing them as a new layer to make the music more dynamic. When you’re working with VSTs, every sound is usually very monotonous in terms of timbre. But I used processing to my advantage and created sounds that are dynamic in sound.